September 24th, 2006, 2:33 pm


It's been a while...


I haven't drawn a comic in two months I believe. The two posted were drawn prior to my starting this account and I have a third drawn and ready. STUPID SCANNER!!! Anyway.... If I knew how to HTML I would have mada cast page already...I noticed after finishing three pages that I have yet to announce their names. I have been doing this comic for years mostly for my friends. I graduated from high school so I'm using this as a way so they can keep up with it, as well as a way to get my comics out there for everyone to enjoy. As far as story material goes, the three pages I've drawn are all new material, but I will tap into my base material soon, as I do have a story I want to tell. I believe currently the two characters you've seen are 16, and in high school. I plan to involve school into the story but I don't want to make it the focus. I don't like teen dramas, or anything like that. This is a funny comic about the weird stuff that happens to these people. I plan to take them through high school, starting in 10th grade and beyond into their adult lives....Oddly enough I don't think it's a slice-of-life comic, It's off-white...that's the best way to describe it.

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oh and if after 2 pages you already have the fanart buzz go ahead and send me some I'll post.