November 15th, 2006, 10:48 pm


This week..


Stuff hasn't been the same this week... (got a job) I start my training for it tomorrow[it sucks I know] But I'll get money so not all bad. Comics haven't been as regular(none this week so far) I have one drawn up and ready to do some little editing too. I'll probly have it done tomorrow and it'll go on the page on friday. Speaking of updates I owe you guys a three comic week. I am working on it, I just need to slow down a little, get my self situated; and then I will begin the 3 comic week that you all love and adore more than you own children. Hmm.. oh and this week's comic takes us ever closer into the plot(or lack thereof) We're getting to the "laughing at other's expense" part soon I promise... just not this week.